Norman is excited by the challenges that being a business consultant presents and takes great satisfaction in building flourishing companies for shareholders, employees and customers. He is a strong advocate of building teams, mentoring co-workers and creating environments where employees are empowered to create and deliver solutions and products that benefit all stakeholders in the company.


Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Norman not only challenges his clients, but himself as well. He is the proud father of two sons and a daughter whom he refers to as his superheroes – and grandfather to six. In his spare time, he enjoys exercising his body, as well as his mind, by reading different genres of books.


Praise for Norman:

  • Norman and I have worked together for many years. Early on, I was Norman's CFO in two different companies that he founded. Most recently, Norman has consulted with my dark fiber company, Resurgence Infrastructure Group. His depth of knowledge and expertise makes Norman a highly-valued business partner on a wide range of areas from setting strategic goals and growth objectives, to redefining business models, to acquisitions evaluation and due diligence, to resolving and streamlining operational issues. Norman is a trusted advisor and friend. Objective and sound insight followed by execution and management resulting in material improvements to operating results. Norman's calm and steady demeanor reflects his skills as a leader and his impeccable character! Scott Drake
  • He was a terrific leader, and one of the major drivers behind the growth and success. Hal Leeds
  • Norman represents the finest expertise in finance, marketing and day-to-day operations. He is very good with acquisitions, having done more than 15, and also very organized with a keen attention to detail. His integrity and character are well-respected. Ruddy Mc. Glashan
  • Norman is a goal-oriented leader who challenges his people to look for innovation. He is a strong believer in team building within his staff. Norman's business acumen, leadership qualities and ability to assess situations and opportunities quickly, are a few of the reasons for his success. Daniel Merritt
  • Norman is a highly ethical, seasoned, proven and knowledgeable executive. He has a unique combination of financial, operations and technical experience, but can also be a very effective asset in front of prospective and existing customers. Jerry Uffner